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"Fashion fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's one of those nights....

First of all I want to truly apologize to my lil monsters I haven't been able to post any new pictures but here's some pictures I took couple of a weeks ago. I love the jacket I'm wearing is super warm and trendy! I love Coney Island and especially Nathans Hot Dogs <3

Wearing Guess Coat, H&M Hat, Levi's Jeans, Coconuts Boots.

These boots are by the far the most comfortable ever, I fell in love the instant I saw them!
I got them from a shoe store in the city but I'm pretty sure they have them online too just google coconuts boots, they also sell them in black!

Life is all about smiles and laughs!

Happy Holidays!! <3

Ladies keep it Trendy&&OutThere and don't forget to always SMILE & LAUGH!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Christmas Wish List ♥

OMG!! Is snowing in NYC!! Lil monsters can you believe its already December, its crazy how the time when by flying but I'm glad Christmas is around the corner, I can't wait to spend some quality time with my family and friends. Ok talking about Christmas I have made a list of what I want. You are more than welcome to buy me a present lol :D I'm in a very HAPPYYY mood today, maybe because I slept a lot lol♥

Pour La Victoire "May" Cutout Glitter Pumps

Flip Chanel Bag

Jimmy Choo Shoes

Jeffrey Campbell LIBBY 

Apple iPad

And I can keep on and on lol, but I think this is enough ok maybe a trip to VEGAS would be great too.

Tell Me lil Monster what do you want from Santa?! ♥


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Improving my make up kit

Hello Dolls,
As I have mentioned in previous posts I have the fortune to have my personal make up artist my sister, her talent is beyond. I went make-up shopping with her yesterday afternoon we had a great time together, but I must say we have different taste when it comes to colors lol.
Here's some pictures of the products I bought at the M.A.C Store. 
 I love M.A.C Products, they affordable and most of all always on trend.

I love this mini eyeshadow palette, this is the first time I see this product at MAC I think is a good idea and the colors are just perfect for me.

I'm obsessed with red lipstick lol, I have 5 red lipstick I just cant stop buying one every time I go inside a make-up store. (Lady Danger)

This eyeliner looks amazing on. The color is AWESOME, perfect for the any season. (Eye Pencil Navy Stain)

By far the best black eyeliner ever! I love it, it stays on for hours and it doesn't smudge all over your eyes like other ones. ( Eye Kohl Smolder)

My eyelashes are super straight I have tried many mascara's but none of them give the result I want, well that was before until my sister put this mascara on me its just perfect it makes my lashes curlier and thicker.  (Zoom Lash Black)

 I just had to buy it lol :D

After a hectic shopping afternoon, we went to Chipotle to satisfy our hunger lol .
I can eat Chipotle every day if I had to.

Ladies, tell me what's the number 1 make-up product you can't live without?
If you any suggestions on make-up products I should try let me know.

Besos <3

Thursday, November 18, 2010

♥ Lita Bad Boys

Hello Lil Monster,

Can you believe its already Thursday?! This week went by flying but I can't complain the weekend is almost here lol. I finally get to show off my Lita Bad Boys, I purchased them 3 weeks ago but I haven't had the chance to take pictures with them on, so here they are I hope you like them 'cause honestly I love them they so comfy and stylish.

Asos Hat/ Bakers Necklace/ FV21 Poncho/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes/ American Apparel Tights

Trendy&&OutThere ♥

Follow me♥ Besos

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Me Encanta Minnie & Mickey Mouse ♥

As you noticed on my previous post I went to the grand opening of the new Disney Store on Times Square, so this outfit post is dedicated to Minnie & Mickey ♥

What I wore:
D&G Shirt
Forever 21 Blazer
Asos Leopard Print Beret
Cheap Monday Jeans
Guess? Red Suede Pumps

P.S I love my DR tan lol, the winter is long here in NY so I def. need some color on me lol.

Keep it Trendy&OutThere♥

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disney in Times Square

Disney finally opened a store on Times Square, the store is amazing!
The store is opened next to the new FV21 in Times Square, Disney is having a Friends & Family event from Nov. 11- 14, 20% off your whole purchase and 25% if you bring any shirt to be recycle. You should go and check it out.
Below are some pictures I took while I was there shopping, not for me but for my little niece and nephew, I'm such a bad aunt I spoil them too much lol.♥
I felt like a lil girl again, it was such a nice feeling to see kids so happy.


So Cute♥

Spider Man Rocks!!

The holidays are here, I'm so into the holiday spirit.

My favorite Disney character from all times has to be Iron Man, especially after watching the latest Iron Man Movie. ♥

What's your favorite all time Disney character?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ted Sabarese- Hunger Pains

Hello Lil Monsters,

Today is a rainy day here in NYC, I got all dressed up and everything and Guess what?! I got super wet lol, so no pictures today but I promised tomorrow I will post some outfit pictures♥ Anyways look what I found while browsing the web, probably some of you have seen these pictures already taken by Ted Sabarese, but for you that haven't take a look at them. Tell me what you think would you wear any of these outfits to a party or dinner?! lol Personally I would, I love to be the center of attention and wearing one of these food dress will def. have everyone looking at me lol ♥ So what's next in fashion?

The One & Only Lady Gaga, and her raw meat dress!!
She's probably the only that can rock this look!

Keep it Trendy&&OutThere ♥

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Back!!

My lil monsters, I have missed you all but I'm back from some amazing vacations. I know I have been a bad blogger this past month I promise I will post new pics at least 4x a week. ♥ I had some amazing vacations in Punta Cana, DR. def. a place to visit, everything was just so great. Below are some pictures of my trip to DR. OMG by the way I got super tannnnn lol but hey winter is long here in NYC so I sure need some color on me.

Great Performance

Me & My BF  ♥

Isla Saona

Keep it Trendy&&OutThere

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jackets with fur sleeves!

TGIF! Finally the weekend is here, you know what that means shopping till you drop lol.
So as you know fall is officially here, here in NYC is getting colder by the days. I need to get a cute coat ok maybe 2 or 3 lol, I know I want a cape for sure, and a long coat but I'm still undecided on my third option so I think I might just go with a fur sleeve jacket. Below are my 3 main option; ladies help me to decide which one I should buy, I love them all.

Miss Sixty  

Future Classics

Enjoy your weekend!!♥
Keep it Trendy&&OutThere

Besos ;)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Rainy Monday!

This past weekend I was so sick, sucks being sick but this whole change of weather is the one to blame. Ok enough with this let's talk business lol, I haven't been able to post new outfit pictures I been so busy but I promise I will post new cool outfits this week. Yesterday I was doing some online shopping, and below are some of the things I got. I got two pairs of boots at bakersshoes.com, for a great price and shipping was free. I hope they look good on me.

I also got some stuff from FOREVER 21, they have really cute things and they have a promo; free shipping with any $50 purchase, below are the few things I got.

So my lil monster tell me how was your weekend, did you do any shopping or went to any interest place.?!