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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ted Sabarese- Hunger Pains

Hello Lil Monsters,

Today is a rainy day here in NYC, I got all dressed up and everything and Guess what?! I got super wet lol, so no pictures today but I promised tomorrow I will post some outfit pictures♥ Anyways look what I found while browsing the web, probably some of you have seen these pictures already taken by Ted Sabarese, but for you that haven't take a look at them. Tell me what you think would you wear any of these outfits to a party or dinner?! lol Personally I would, I love to be the center of attention and wearing one of these food dress will def. have everyone looking at me lol ♥ So what's next in fashion?

The One & Only Lady Gaga, and her raw meat dress!!
She's probably the only that can rock this look!

Keep it Trendy&&OutThere ♥

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irina said...

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thank you!