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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Improving my make up kit

Hello Dolls,
As I have mentioned in previous posts I have the fortune to have my personal make up artist my sister, her talent is beyond. I went make-up shopping with her yesterday afternoon we had a great time together, but I must say we have different taste when it comes to colors lol.
Here's some pictures of the products I bought at the M.A.C Store. 
 I love M.A.C Products, they affordable and most of all always on trend.

I love this mini eyeshadow palette, this is the first time I see this product at MAC I think is a good idea and the colors are just perfect for me.

I'm obsessed with red lipstick lol, I have 5 red lipstick I just cant stop buying one every time I go inside a make-up store. (Lady Danger)

This eyeliner looks amazing on. The color is AWESOME, perfect for the any season. (Eye Pencil Navy Stain)

By far the best black eyeliner ever! I love it, it stays on for hours and it doesn't smudge all over your eyes like other ones. ( Eye Kohl Smolder)

My eyelashes are super straight I have tried many mascara's but none of them give the result I want, well that was before until my sister put this mascara on me its just perfect it makes my lashes curlier and thicker.  (Zoom Lash Black)

 I just had to buy it lol :D

After a hectic shopping afternoon, we went to Chipotle to satisfy our hunger lol .
I can eat Chipotle every day if I had to.

Ladies, tell me what's the number 1 make-up product you can't live without?
If you any suggestions on make-up products I should try let me know.

Besos <3


Pervesely Perfect said...

Chapstick. =] That salad looks yummy


Chloe♥ said...

You def. right chapstick should always be in a girl's purse especially during the winter! :D