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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Mexico the new Miss Universe 2010

Yesterday night my sisters and I were hooked to the television watching Miss Universe. I must say all the girls were gorgeous, they all had a very unique style. All the countries were very well representative but like in every contest one had to win and that was Miss Mexico, she looked stunning with her red dress.
Jimena definitely deserved to win, she was the best in my opinion.

Jimena Navarrete is 22 years old, and was born in Guadalajara Mexico.

After 19 years the Miss Universe Crown is back to Mexico.

I'm very happy that Miss Mexico won, not only she's beautiful she's also smart.
Jimena Navarrete is the second Miss Mexico to become Miss Universe, Lupita Jones was the first one to be crowned Miss Universe on 1991.


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