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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your Special Day ♥

All girls have always dreamed about having the most fabulous and cutest wedding. Your wedding should be the day that you shine brighter than the sun, and feel happier than ever, but first you have to find that special one. ♥ I bet planning a wedding is much more complicated than it sounds, well depends what's your cultural tradition. All weddings have in common a bride and a groom, a cake and that first dance song as a couple, oh yea and the invitations.(:

I personally want my dress to be the wildest and craziest the church has ever seen, and my shoes need to be stunning and I only want ice cream cake. lol :D

But all this will have to wait until I'm 30, or maybe before I don't want to look old for that special day, but hey that's why they invented Botox. :D

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